Types of charging stations

We offer all types of charging stations: from slow and medium speed, through to fast. You can choose from different designs, such as stands, wallboxes or portable devices.

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AC charging stations

The ideal solution for the corporate charging of your electric vehicles. Charge up your electric vehicles simply, practically, and safely. 

AC charging stations use an alternating current, and are slower than DC charging. Therefore, such stations are suitable for places where the car can be left for a longer period of time (e.g. overnight) while you’re busy close by – working in an office or staying at a hotel.


Are you looking for reliable charging, ease-of-use, a durable design, great practicality, and compatibility with all electric vehicles? Don’t know where to start when choosing a charging station? Never mind, we can help you choose the best charging station for your electric vehicle.


DC charging stations

DC stations are charged with direct current. Such stations are faster than AC stations and can therefore be used on motorway service stations and at petrol stations, where drivers need to charge their cars quickly, for example during a coffee break.


Stations for commercial use, e.g. parking areas at shopping centres and office buildings as charging stations for the general public. Robust, durable design suitable for long-term operation with an integrated payment system, card reader, etc., and many additional functions.


Control and management of charging stations

ChargeUp is a comprehensive software solution with round-the-clock customer support that is cloud-based and supports all types of charging stations.

Our services


Consulting activities

We’ll recommend a solution for your location that best meets your requirements.


Design activities

We’ll prepare the project documentation for installing the charging station, including the electrical design.


Construction of charging stations

We have extensive experience in the construction of public and private charging stations. We operate throughout the Czech Republic.


Control and management of charging stations

Cloud services, Station administration, RFID CHIPS, Charging personalisation...



Service and maintenance, a 24/7/365 helpdesk, and statutory inspections.



We will find a suitable subsidy title for your investment project. We will arrange the subsidy for you.

What kind of charging stations do you need?

Company charging stations

Public charging stations

Home charging stations

Get a no-obligation offer for the construction of charging stations, including information on subsidies.

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